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How Do We Do It

We are the second generation of our family dedicated in body and soul to footwear, we enjoy creating our shoes.

Founded in 1975, by Cayetano Giménez, since then We produce our shoes in Spain, in the south of the province of Alicante.

Made with noble leather and with a philosophy of comfort and quality , our products are exclusive in terms of design, they have as an important value the creativity made by a member of our family, Desire Giménez, heiress of traditional know-how, conserving it over the years, up to the present day.

Since 1975 we have worn more than 8 million women, both in the national market as in the international market.

We are sure that you will enjoy the shoes with our shoes, because they are made from the heart

Todo el proceso de producción y diseño se realiza de manera tradicional,
asegurando la calidad de nuestros productos.